The Avenir Format Show

The Avenir Format Show tackling Covid-19 Future is available for international distribution

New York, NY / Sedona, AZ – February 17, 2021 – Leclere Global Media Advisors, (LGMA), and Sedona Broadcasting Company, (SBC) announced today the availability of The Avenir Format Show which focuses on the effects of Coronavirus. The show helps viewers design their own future by sorting through the benefits and the inconveniences of life under coronavirus. The Avenir Show Format is now available on the founders’ website at

Designed to fit all broadcasters, streamers and all-News Channels in any language due to its very low production budget, The Avenir Format Show showcases all main local concerns selected both by the Producers and the Public. Thanks to a series of newsy debates, both Virtual and Presential, all points of view can be displayed, expressed and analyzed by experts to answer viewers’ worries, questions and suggestions.

The Avenir Format Show’s Moto is: It’s time that we humans design a future that we all like, to build it together with hope, not fear, and not let Covid-19 make the choices for us!

One of the innovations of The Avenir Format Show is that several different versions may run in the same country or territory as social, economic and geographic conditions in different cities may create different answers on how to design your future.

LGMA and SBC are looking for support to enhance the Avenir Format Show Library built to provide free information and help to all willing news outlets with relevant media material particularly suited to interested developing nations outlets.

The Avenir Format Show is open to relevant corporate, academic and media support. It has already received strong spot interest from Francophone and Anglophone Africa. We are currently exploring more countries and territories.


About LGMA:

Coming from the French Television News , the United Nations and the Emmy Awards families, LGMA is devoting time to invent solutions to fight pandemics, Climate Change consequences and practical actions to let people know that they are not alone to fight for the preservation of their art of life as selected by each one of the 7 billion earthlings. Through Media!

About Sedona Broadcasting Company:

SBC is a United States based corporation headed by a former physicist who became a Vice President of a US television network and a Producer of over 150 network productions.  These productions received three Emmy Awards, one Sabre Award and a 2020 OTT.X Impact Award.  SBC is now using its extensive technical expertise to further the world’s knowledge of Covid-19 and to offer solutions to complex problems.

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