Frequently asked questions answered

The Avenir Show is a Format TV program based on a simple idea: The world now exists in a dangerous and mortal global pandemic. Too many people are seeking immediate answers to their questions, and are not seemingly concerned with the future. The Avenir Show wants to help you deal with the major changes that will forever transform our future lives, and will allow people to decide locally which changes are right for them and which ones are not.

If you think that this idea is important to your viewers, then the Avenir Show is for you! This FAQ list gives you a precise idea of the Avenir Show and its proposed actions. We are currently working with broadcasters, streamers and producers who are ready to go into production. As each episode is ready copies will become available on this site.

Question: What is Avenir?
Answer: Avenir means Future in French

Question: What is the basic idea of the Avenir Show?
Answer: The Avenir Show is based on a debate between two opposing experts disagreeing on consequences and impacts created by the Pandemic with the audience taking sides to decide the outcome.

Question: What is a Format TV program?
Answer: A TV Format is the idea of a show, with a precise Production Guide, listing all needed elements to produce, market, air and resell the Show.

Question: If I acquire the Avenir Show, I only acquire an idea and a brochure?
Answer: Much more than that:

  1. You get access to an international library posting innumerable facts, ideas, and potential solutions related to the topics most impacted by the pandemic.
  2. You get access to many highly educated points of view to propose to your viewers. Contraindications not included!
  3. You get access to a growing list of multilingual experts and celebrities proficient in debating the important topics we will be discussing.
  4. You get access to programming segments, footage, visuals, studies and production help from reputable sources, and industry experts.
  5. And you become part of a growing group of broadcasters with whom you can liaise, and exchange ideas and footage with to enhance your own productions.

Question: How much do I pay for an idea, a brochure and access to a library?
Answer: The rights to acquire, to produce, to air and to market are totally free.

Question: How can I cover my costs of production and broadcasting?
Answer: Your primary source of revenues should be your local advertising. The Avenir Show has also access to foundations and sponsors that can supplement your revenues, and each broadcaster may sell parts or the whole of their production to other countries using the same language and experiencing similar consequences from the Covid-19.

Question: How can I acquire the Avenir Show?
Answer: Write or email to LGMATV, (Contact Us) and we will send you a contract.

More facts and ideas on the Avenir Show

When a pandemic, or other global menaces threatens your future, you have only two choices: become active or stay passive. We believe that it is always possible to protect your future following these three simple steps: Listen, Learn, and Act.

Today, the entire world is fighting Covid-19, which is deeply impacting all of our lives, our hopes, dreams and wishes and seemingly taking control of our future, and more often than not, in the direction we would have not chosen for ourselves.

The Avenir Show features three stages:

  1. With a celebrity, your local host tells the topic of the day.
  2. With two or more experts covering each selected topic, viewers learn different aspects and points of view of each topic.
  3. Using Social media, audiences express their cocnern and help the experts decide the best path to take for future actions

To this simple rundown, the Avenir Show team adds many free enhancements that make your messages more stronger, attractive and livelier helping you better disseminate each proposed solution.

Additional enhancements available on the Avenir Library:

  • Better access to debatable topics
  • Better access to visible celebrities with strong messages
  • Better access to reputable experts with powerful opinions
  • Better access to Social media with global reach
  • Better reselling of your best shows or the segments you wish to share
  • Better access to sponsors, donors and advertisers
  • And YOU become an active part of a growing group of broadcasters with whom you may exchange messages, production ideas and video footage for use in your own productions

If you are interested please contact us and we will help guide your research for your production and we will provide you with secure access to the Avenir Library and our Production Guide, and you will then become a partner of the Avenir Show and its worldwide network.

Broadcasters and media: You get free acquisition, production and airing rights for any versions of the Avenir Show, paying only royalty fees on the revenues generated from sponsorship, advertising, related events and from syndication.

To programmers, the Avenir Show comes in several versions, 1 hour special, 22 minutes or a 15 minutes single topic productions. These programs can be inserted in to local and national news slot, or may be aired only when a major Covid-19 news event happens. You can also build a regular slot to create a following from a concerned and educated audience.

The final programming & the rundown choices are always yours!

The Avenir Show team can be contacted at