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@ Stepping Stone Edu & Patents Free we ask – Why graduate with just a diploma when you can graduate with a job to help reduce your Student loan debt!

The future of education and employment is at your fingertips! Join us Patents as we create an education and job creation revolution where we all win!! Graduate with your fellow Students to form a new investor friendly company backed by a powerful intellectual property portfolio based on your choice of over 350,000 University born patents. You, and your fellow Students worked hard and helped pay to develop these inventions and securing the rights for you to prosper from is much easier than you might imagine! Ask us how, we’ll gladly tell!

Stepping Stone Edu is a Student and Veteran based Co-op program – Stepping Stone Edu is a national educational reform and patent reclamation project developed to assist Student and Veterans (past, present & future) to complete their studies and graduate with a role in a an exciting new investor ready Start-up.

Collectively Students graduate as partners, and or employees of an intellectual property backed Start-up that serves to help them begin to pay down their Student loans, and often even before they graduate.

Have you got game? Initially we plan a nationally simulcast television style competitive event that will kick off our project. Students invited to compete will form teams with fellow Students and Veterans that represent their University or College. Next the newly formed teams will choose from hundreds of thousands of dormant patent properties, organize a new company based on the patent portfolio they have just built, then compete in front of our panel of Celebrity and mentor Judges for financial assistance and hands-on mentor-ship to assist the team to bring their Start-up to life!

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