Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (the “Memorandum” or MOU) concerns the project of selling the News Television Format called The Avenir Format Show, (TAFS), registered at The US Copyright Office under the number 1-10104440342, to a potential buyer running a local News Production, Broadcast or Streaming in any of its proposed versions or in any combination described in the Executive Summary and displayed on the available Appendixes, (The Project).

The Avenir Format Show is represented by LGMA Inc. on behalf of all rights owners.

This Memorandum of Understanding is written in February 2021 and signed by and between the interested potential Buyer Representative, on the date indicated next to the signatures.

(Company legal details here), ________________________________________

(the Buyer), _______________________________________________________

(Name of the company, Address, Website) ____________________________


Georges Leclere, President of LGMA Inc. representing The Avenir Format Show Rights owners

LGMA, 18 Sunset Drive, White Plains, NY – 10604 – USA –

The interested buyer’s signature is necessary for the purpose of achieving the various aims and objectives relating to the Acquisition of this Television Format called The Avenir Format Show for local Production, Broadcast or Streaming by the Buyer in the language(s) and slots of their choices.

Your signature at the end of this document does not express a commitment, only a mark of interest, indicating that you wish to further explore a possible cooperation. Only when and if the final contract is also signed, then the Acquisition of the Rights of Produce and Run The Avenir Format Show on your Broadcast or Streaming domains would be formalized.

When signed by the recipient and received by LGMA, this MOU, together with its Appendixes, opens the door to the following LGMA documents:

  • The Avenir Format Show Production Guide, sent to the prospective buyer
  • The Final Acquisition Contract to be signed between LGMA and the buyer

Executive Summary

  • The Avenir Format Show is a Television, Broadcast or Streaming Format designed to be run by News Departments anywhere the COVID-19 consequences are a major concern for the Future.
  • Because COVID-19 seems to force everyone to change their living habits, their preferences for work, their medical reactions, their human relationships and more, people now fear that COVID-19 is shaping up our Future more than we want.
  • The Avenir Format Show is designed to help choose the best elements imposed on our future.
  • The Avenir Format Show is accessible to every country or territory, to inform audiences on all these changes, whether they are wanted or not and to help people choose their preferred ones.
  • The Avenir Format Show features debates with informed specialists revealing benefits and inconveniences in many fields. 
  • The Avenir Format Show prepares viewers willing to participate in the building of a new future, to choose what humans would like and not only what COVID-19 makes us implement.
  • The Avenir Format Show raises major questions, too often consequences of local decisions imposed by government officials or local economic realities and selected against people’s wills, wishes, desires and feelings:

Will our Future be shaped by Humans or by some Coronavirus?

WHEREAS the Buyer’s company or organization and LGMA intend to enter into an agreement in which the Buyer and LGMA will work together to complete the Project.

WHEREAS the Buyer and LGMA intend to enter into this Memorandum of Understanding between them, setting out the preliminary working arrangements that each of them agrees are necessary to complete the Projects.


The purpose of this Memorandum is to provide the framework for any future binding contract

regarding the Project between the buyer and LGMA.

Obligations of the Partners:

The Parties acknowledge that no contractual relationship is created between them by this Memorandum but agree to work together in the true spirit of cooperation to ensure that there is a united visible and responsive leadership of the Project and to demonstrate financial, administrative and managerial commitment to the Project by means of the following individual services.


The activities and services for the Projects shall include, but not limited to:

  1. Services to be rendered by the Buyer will include:
  2. Mention the LGMA Team as creators of The Avenir Format Show wherever necessary
  3. Supply relevant information concerning the TAFS Broadcast slot(s) on the buyer’s company grid
  4. Abide by the details of payments spelled out in the attached Appendixes
  5. Other services to be determined in a possible subsequent Agreement.
  • Services to be rendered by LGMA will include:
  • LGMA will use its best efforts to approach potential Global Sponsors for the whole Project.
  • If the potential buyer is interested, LGMA will share Global Sponsors’ requests with the buyers to add them to the list of recipients of such sponsorship and access the relevant benefits.
  • LGMA and the buyer agree to follow the agreements set in the attached Appendixes
  • LGMA, together with The Avenir Format Show Creative team, in the best interest of the Project, will leverage their numerous contacts and strong relationships with top management of relevant Firms, Universities or International Organizations
  • LGMA, together with The Avenir Format Show Creative team, in the best interest of the Project, will leverage their extensive experience in television events (e.g., having run the International Emmy Awards Academy and its annual gala ceremony, for which Georges Leclere was Executive Producer).
  • LGMA is currently creating The Avenir Format Show Library to supply information, segments, clips, studies, articles and other possible help to the production of The Avenir Format Show, in a multifaceted Library to be run by its Foundation, when it will be established.
  • Access to The Avenir Format Show Library will be explained in the relevant Appendix.
  • Other services to be determined in the subsequent Agreement.


No liability will arise or be assumed between the Parties as a result of this Memorandum.


The arrangements made by the Partners by this Memorandum shall remain in place from February 1st, 2021 until February 1st, 2022. This term can be extended only by written agreement of all of the Parties.

Governing Law:

This Memorandum shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, USA.


Neither party may assign or transfer the responsibilities or agreement made herein without the prior written consent of the non-assigning party, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.


This Memorandum may be amended or supplemented in writing, if the writing is signed by the

party obligated under this Memorandum.


If any provision of this Memorandum is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, in any country or territory, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable. If a Court finds that any provision of this Memorandum is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision will be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.


It is mutually agreed upon and understood by and among the Parties of this Memorandum that:

  1. Each Party will work together in a coordinated fashion for the fulfillment of the Project.
  • In no way does this Memorandum of Understanding restrict involved Parties from participating in similar agreements with other public or private agencies, organizations, and individuals.
  • To the extent possible, each Party will participate in the development of the Project.
  • Nothing in this Memorandum shall obligate any Party to the transfer of funds.
  • Any endeavor involving reimbursement or contribution of funds between the Parties of this Memorandum will be handled in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and procedures.
  • Such endeavors will be outlined in separate agreements that shall be made in writing by representatives of the Parties involved and shall be independently authorized by appropriate statutory authority. This Memorandum does not provide such authority.
  • This Memorandum is not intended to and does not create any right, benefit, or trust responsibility.
  • This Memorandum will be effective upon the signature of both Parties.
  1. Any Party may terminate its participation in this MOU by providing written notice to other Party.

The following Parties support the goals and objectives of the Projects:


This Memorandum of Understanding shall be signed on behalf of (The buyer) and on behalf of LGMA by Georges Leclere. This Memorandum of Understanding shall be effective as of the date first written above

      Date and signature       The Buyer’s Representative      Date and signature       LGMA By Georges Leclere, President

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