Final Acquisition Contracts – Developing Countries

Final Acquisition Contract

Signed on Feb … 2021


(Buyer’s details, name, title, company, address, email, website) ____________________________________________



LGMA, Georges Leclere, President, LGMA Inc., 18 Sunset Drive, White Plains, NY – 10604 – USA

This Final Acquisition contract, when dated and signed by both parties, indicates that (The above-mentioned Buyer) has now the full rights to produce, air and advertise over its Country or Territories, The Avenir Format Show, (TAFS), registered at The US Copyright Office under the number 1-10104440342, a Format show designed for local production and Broadcast or Streaming by the News Division(s) in any combination thereof.

I am a company based in a developing Country and I will run all versions of The Avenir Format Show proposed by LGMA

  • I understand that my acquisition fees are covered by LGMA
  • I understand that the Production fees are 10% of my Production Budget but I am applying for a grant to The Avenir Format Show to cover these fees
  • I understand that the airing fees and rights to Advertise will be 10% of my Advertising revenues to be paid to LGMA each trimester as long as my company will run The Avenir Format Show.

The signature of this document indicates that the buyer has read and signed the non-binding preliminary Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU). The buyer has also read the lists of Appendixes proposed by LGMA. The buyer is now confirming its willingness to finalize the acquisition of the rights to Produce and Run The Avenir Format Show on our Broadcast and Streaming domains.

(Buyer’s representative)

Name & Title___________________________________


Georges Leclere, President

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