Executive Summary

  • The Avenir Format Show is a Television, Broadcast or Streaming Format designed to be run and aired by a News Department anywhere COVID-19 consequences are a concern.
  • Because COVID-19 seems to force us to change our living habits, our preferences for work, our medical reactions and our human relationships.
  • We now fear that COVID-19 is shaping up our Future more than we want.
  • The Avenir Format Show is designed to help us choose your own future.
  • The Avenir Format Show is accessible to every country or territory, to inform audiences on all these changes, wanted or not and help choose the preferred ones.
  • The Avenir Format Show features debates with informed specialists revealing benefits and inconveniences. 
  • The Avenir Format Show prepares viewers willing to participate in building a new future, to choose what humans would like and not what COVID-19 makes us implement.
  • The Avenir Format Show raises major questions, too often consequences of local decisions imposed by government officials or local economic realities against people’s wishes and feelings:

Will our Future be shaped by Humans or by some Coronavirus?

Chapters in this presentation

The Avenir Format Show

Operation and Production

The Avenir Format Show is built around debates between 2 or more informed and opposing specialists, dealing with evolving fields important for the audience, i.e., Work, Education, Medicine, Travel and many more.

Producers acquiring The Avenir Format Show select their most significant topics, their hosts, their debating guests, their social media for audiences’ interactions and whatever details are most important for their viewers.

The Avenir Format Show is designed to minimize Production costs making the show accessible to most outlets in the world, using existing News studios, existing equipment, local archives and mostly existing staff. Few functions may need to be created, one trained Host, few researchers that can be local students or young professionals or supplied by local NGOs.


The Avenir Format Show is composed of 3 different segments that can be run individually or combined in many ways, from a One-hour Special debating at least 4 or 5 News topics to a 22-Minute single story and a 15-Minute audience oriented, all run live or in live conditions to be sure to incorporate the latest information. Details configurations are described in the Production Guide of the show.


The Avenir Format Show rights are available for FREE to any developing country or territory outlet, avoiding upfront fee for acquiring, producing or airing The Avenir Format Show.

In developed countries, The Avenir Format Show is available for a small fee calculated on the number of shows run per month. Fee details are spelled out in the downloadable Memorandum of Understanding, and its Appendixes, signed with acquiring Producers.

Running Fees

  • All running fees to air The Avenir Format Show are waived for the first 6 months of 2021 and will be covered by Sponsors & Benefactors.
  • Only Advertising fees will be payable. After the first 3 months of airing, the Producers of the local The Avenir Format Show will pay 10% of their advertising revenues for developing countries and 20% for developed countries or territories.

The Avenir Format Show Library

The Avenir Format Show is creating a library of written, audio and video material to provide direct Covid-19 information, basic knowledge and Academic help to any News outlet in need of precise information during the production of its own Avenir Format Show. Producers may soon address their requests to the LGMA Library, for example to verify some data or facts, to obtain quotes, segments or interviews

The Avenir Format Show library proposes to manage good stories already aired by Producers willing to share their best segments with any interested producer.  The Avenir Format Show Library will offer to help managing such exchanges for the benefit of all outlets. Also the Library may accept donations, equipment, Cloud storage and working space.

Also, The Avenir Format Show Library will sign agreement with partners willing to help enhance the production of locals Avenir Format Shows, for example trailers, logos, musical segments, info-cartoons or any short pieces to give special looks to their local shows. The Avenir Format Show Library will seek agreements with companies, organizations or other rights-holders, able to provide such short segments for free to Developing Nations’ Producers or for a low cost to all other producers.

Global Sponsors

The Avenir Format Show Producers who find Global Sponsors, are encouraged to ask these Global Sponsors to support more than one broadcaster or Streamer at a time.

Because … When these First finders persuade a Global Sponsor to accept supporting other Producers who didn’t find them, the First Finder gets more revenues: 1) They keep all revenues for their own broadcast 2) When they persuade the Global Sponsors to also support “not-first finders” to work with existing Global Sponsors, the First-finders get 25% of the total revenues . 3) Because … such not first-finders’ outlets split the total revenues in FOUR equal parts:

  • 25% go to the initial Global Sponsor finder
  • 25% go to the not-first finder local outlet having aired Global Sponsors Ads & messages
  • 25% will go to The Avenir Format Show development
  • 25% will be reserved for Non-profit organizations contributing to fighting the Covid-19 consequences, selected by The Avenir Format Show on proposals made by First Finders and Global Sponsors.

Exclusivity of The Avenir Format Show

The Television and streaming markets are usually based on the exclusivity rule, where only one Broadcasting or Streaming Company or Organization may acquire the rights to any show in the considered territory.

The Avenir Format Show is more than just a show. It’s built to help mankind to overcome the pernicious effects of Covid-19 anywhere people are suffering and raising questions about their possible Future.

Therefore, The Avenir Format Show may run on any number of stations in any country or territory, as long as it’s produced and aired by a recognized local News Station, on the air or streamed on the Internet.

Even more: The Avenir Format Show may air with different topics, different Hosts and different debating guests in different cities located in the same country. This may happen when important topics are differently perceived in different regions, especially when they are geographically, economically and culturally different. And of course, local exchanges are totally accepted.

The Avenir Format Show time-life frame

For the optimists who are sure that the Covid-19 will be history by the end of 2021, our answer is double.

First, we heartfully hope that you are right.

However, helping Millions of people to fight the irruption of a Future they did not like nor requested, is also part of our mission.

Second, everything prepared for the Covid-19 by The Avenir Format Show International team will be useful for any upcoming new pandemic as well as any other major threats to mankind, in particular Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence already at work on Earth..

Downloading the Memorandum of Understanding

This Executive Summary and presentation are only the first part of The Avenir Format Show pitch. If you are interested to run our Format, follow the roadmap to acquire The Avenir Format Show:

Step one download the Memorandum of Understanding or MOU with the Appendixes relevant to your preferences.

Step two, when satisfied, sign the MOU and email it back to us. Upon reception, we will send you or allow you to download the PowerPoint Guide to Production from the relevant page on the scroll-down menu.

Step three, When you are ready, download and sign the Final Acquisition Contract corresponding to your country’s development status.

LGMA and The Avenir Format Show will always be ready to assist your producers and inform them of any new help that they can obtain from our Library to enhance their show.

Now, if you want to be more involved in The Avenir Format Show:

  • Are you interested to join THE AVENIR FORMAT SHOW development team?
  • Are you willing to contribute to our Library?
  • Are you interested to help us find more News Outlets willing to run THE AVENIR FORMAT SHOW?
  • Are you interested to help us find More Global Sponsors?
  • IF YES, JUST CONTACT US at: georges@lgma.tv