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Our new site is in construction. Let’s start with the most spectacular projects in this difficult period where we have to fight pandemics like the Coronavirus and the Climate change.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemics, LGMA has reoriented most of its activities, while keeping its transcontinental vision of Peace and Understanding on Earth, fighting against the causes of Climate Change and now, fighting for a better future for all.

What is new on LGMA Website:

LGMA is determined to fight the effects of the pandemics in all the Arts and Entertainment domains they disturb.

Major Pandemic Actions:

  • LGMA is directly involved in the UNESCO EauMega2020 conference set for December 2020 in Paris, France. Five years ago, the EauMega2015 conference saw the signature of most of the World Countries on the Paris Accord that aimed at setting limits to the causes of Climate Change.
  • LGMA will present to UNESCO which already expressed its interest, a new way to positively involve the citizens of the Metropolis, (Cities of more than 10 million inhabitants like New York, Grand Paris or Los Angeles), to raise their awareness and their wish to play a role in fighting the Pandemics, existing, like COVID-19 or Climate Change or soon to come.
  • This new method uses a Reality TV competition coupled with Knowledge Academy and a worldwide top-of-the-line streaming channel.
  • More soon on this world event here.
  • Also, LGMA, together with partners, is preparing a live television show, for broadcasters, cable or Satellite operators, involving the viewers in selecting the best reactions to the major changes proposed by elected officials, medical and scientific communities, educational entities, business groups or every-day users. More soon about this project right here.

Of course, Georges Leclere, President of LGMA, is keeping his main existing supports, like the Emmy Awards Family, (I serve as Vice-President of the New York Chapter Emmy Awards Foundation), like the support for the United Nations family, the alumni representative role at the New York Chapter of Sorbonne University from Paris, the deputy-director’s role at the University of the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, our help at the Phoenix-TV “I AM” exhibit tentatively set in Hong Kong, and like our Malawi and Southern Africa Education support and many more groups who trust and use LGMA’s efforts and vision.

As always, LGMA is listening to all suggestions and explorations to push forwards the fight that mankind is currently conducting for many, and for some of us, for their survival. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help for some of your projects, using our CONTACT US page on this site.