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More than ever our priorities are fighting the causes of Climate Change, battling Student loan debt, and eradicating Global pandemics resulting in a safe, prosperous, and secure future for all!

There are times when humankind is more interested by the present than by the possible future, no matter how terrifying it may look. In 2020, that was our thinking.

In example: 

Climate Change: It seems manageable today because its dark future seems far away. The future is now!

Student loan debt. – For those millions afflicted it often seems insurmountable! It is not! Ask us how?

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Global pandemics – The future is now and the outlook often bleak, however the ongoing advancements in Med-tech has helped leveled the playing field! Join us in the search for the cures to the maladies that ail us all!

Artificial Intelligence: Manageable today even if it looks worrisome in a far off tomorrow.

For many, these topics look like fears of a far off “tomorrow” that could be very well conquered by smart and targeted future decisions. No worries today!

Then Covid-19 hit us all like a rock from space! Fast and uncontrollable! So hard that we could not think of the future. We had to react fast, and immediately! How many people have died today? How many will die tomorrow? How can we slow down this terrifying process? With new vaccines? How can we invent these miracle pills or shots? Herd immunity? How can we create it? Will there be uncontrollable new variants? When the first vaccines appeared there were not enough for everyone but we are catching up, yet still many countries are woefully supplied! For those vaccines we have developed we are not sure of their efficiency. Now due to fake news and media hype of naysayers many people are refusing to get vaccinated, ruining our best plans, and further endangering us all! All these questions are the worries of today. 

Too many people have only one thought in mind. When will we be back to yesterday? When will we live like we did in 2019? Few progressive thinkers believe we will never go back to this unattainable golden age of yesteryear. The rest hang on for that unlikely day to arrive. Adapt or die, it’s the age old story of the human race.

The question we should ask ourselves now is not WHEN our future will be copying our past.  But WHAT future will we all be facing together? And who will we collectively trust to make these critical decisions? Politicians? Doctors? Scientists? Economists? Inventors?

The Avenir Show showcases a HOST moderating a debate with opposing EXPERTS with the global AUDIENCE deciding on the “Tomorrow they want” based on the topics important to each and the country your reside in.

LGMA is now proposing this new Television Format called the Avenir Show. For more details please visit our Avenir Show page.

Covid-19 forces many changes on our lives.

Most of us just want to go back to good old times while others simply want to use the best of the changes being made today. This is the debate that the AVENIR SHOW wants you to join. Make yourself heard on the changes you want to keep … if any! Or re-invent your new future!

The AVENIR SHOW … soon on your favorite broadcaster programming!

The Avenir Show is a television and internet streaming broadcast event format designed to be run by a News Department anywhere COVID-19 consequences are a concern.

The thrust is strong because COVID-19 has forced us all to change our living habits, our preferences for work, our reactions to personal medical cionditons, and how we interact in relationships with fellow humans.

Will our Future be shaped by Humans or by yet another mutated strain of Coronavirus? Only we hold the answer!


  • LGMATV is directly involved in the UNESCO EauMega2022 conference set for January 2022 in Paris, France.
  • Five years ago the EauMega2015 conference saw the signing of the Paris Accord by the majority of the world countries aiming at setting limits to the causes of Climate Change.
  • LGMATV will present to UNESCO, which already expressed its interest, a new way to positively involve the citizens of each Metropolis, (A Metropolis is a City/Agglomeration of more than 10 million inhabitants such as New York, Grand Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai), to raise their awareness and to play a role in fighting the existing pandemics, like COVID-19 or Climate Change, and preparing us all for what’s next!
  • This emerging methodology uses a Reality TV competition platform coupled with a knowledge based Foundation, and a worldwide top-of-the-line streaming channel.
  • See our UNESCO EauMEGA2022 page.

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